Terms and Conditions of Membership and Association Rules

Members are required to make the following payments:

  1. One-time entrance fee – as per Schedule below
  2. Annual subscription – as per Schedule below
  3. Annual dinner contribution – additional charges, as and when due

All payments shall be made by account payee cheque / pay order / demand draft in favour of ‘South MetroCity Association of Realtors (SMART)’ payable ‘at par’ at Mumbai.

Application Process

  1. Person/s wishing to acquire membership must complete the prescribed Application Form and submit it along with the relevant payments and copies of documents, as specified
  2. The application must be proposed & seconded by a current member of SMART
  3. The application shall be placed before the Managing Committee which will evaluate them and shortlist the applicants. After giving adequate notice, the short-listed applicants will be invited for a personal interview, accompanied by the proposer or seconder
  4. The Managing Committee reserves the right to reject an application for membership at any stage without assigning any reason whatsoever. In such cases, the entrance fees, subscription, dinner contribution will be refunded
  5. The entrance fees, annual subscription, dinner contribution, etc. shall be fixed by the managing committee & may be amended at any time by the managing committee

Membership Certification

  1. On acceptance of the application by the managing committee, the new member/s will be provided with a membership card (for the principal applicant and one other person from the applicant’s company) and membership certificate in the firm’s name which shall remain the property of the SMART
  2. Members must present their membership card at each meeting of SMART
  3. Loss/damage of the card must be immediately reported to SMART office in writing
  4. Membership shall not be transferable, in any manner whatsoever

Attendance of Association Meetings / Programs

  1. The members have to compulsorily attend the meetings and gatherings organized by SMART. In case a member does not complete at least 75% of his/her attendance in a year their membership can be terminated on the grounds of absenteeism. A member having genuine reasons can be exempted provided a written application is submitted to the managing committee (subject to not more than 3 times in a year)
  2. Only the persons registered with SMART as principal applicant and second applicant can attend meetings (principal applicant, partner). Only 2 registered persons shall be permitted to attend. Any other person accompanied by the members shall pay Guest charges at prevailing rates

General Rules of Conduct

  1. Members shall not misuse the name, logo or any other aspect of SMART, NAR-India or World Properties in any manner whatsoever.
  2. Disorderly, rude or offensive behaviour may result in termination of membership. The managing committee, whose decision shall be final, will determine the interpretation of rules in such cases
  3. Members are liable to pay their dues (annual subscription, dinner contribution, etc.) by the specified due date every year

Termination / Cancellation of Membership

  1. The managing committee reserves the rights to terminate the membership of any member without prior notice in the event of any breach of Association rules
  2. The managing committee reserves the rights to terminate the membership of any member without prior notice in the event of any breach of Association rules
  3. On the termination of membership, SMART shall make no refund to the members
  4. Members who wish to cancel their membership must do so in writing giving notice of 30 days before the first day of the financial year for which SMART subscription, dinner contribution, etc are due. On such cancellation, SMART shall not be liable to make any refunds, whatsoever. Members failing to give such notice of cancellation of membership will be liable to pay the subscription, dinner contribution for the entire year
  5. As per clause 4(a) above (for attendance), attendance shall be strictly adhered to by members, failing which the managing committee may terminate the membership without refund of any fees for the entire year

General Rules

  1. The Managing Committee reserves the absolute and complete right to modify, revoke, add or delete to these Conditions & Rules at any time without prior notice
  2. The rules stated above are only the principal conditions of membership & the association
  3. The Managing Committee shall be at liberty to frame separate sub rules of the association
  4. The Bye-laws & Memorandum of Association shall be binding on all members

Any suggestions / grievances, if any, should be given in writing to the association office

Schedule Of Membership Fees For The Year 2023-24
1. One time non-refundable Admission Fees Rs. 30,000/-
2. Annual Subscription Rs. 10,000/-
3. NAR-India Membership Fees Rs. 1,500/-
4. GST @ 18% on items 2 and 3 above Rs. 2,070/-
Total Rs. 43,570/-