Real estate, today, is at the centre and is the barometer of India’s growing economy. The opportunities are immense. Realtors can play a critical role in transforming these opportunities into reality.

Globally, real estate broking is a profession that is organized with professionals of high calibre. As India moves forward, the time has come for us in India to also match the global practices.

Real estate, by its very nature, passes through business cycles, customers keep changing their expectations; regulations constantly change. The way forward for the industry is to be professional in training and fresh in its approaches.

South MetroCity Association of Realtors (SMART) has been formed to provide this very platform for the broker fraternity at South Mumbai to live their dreams. In fact, SMART is the first and the only association of realtors to have ever been formed with a focus on the island city of Mumbai.

SMART Objectives

  • To act as a catalyst for streamlining the broking profession to achieve transparency, accountability, fair dealing and ethical practices for overall good governance in this industry.
  • To follow a Code of Ethics that governs members' business conduct and practices
  • Act as a common voice for the members of the Association
  • To undertake education and training programs for knowledge and skills upgradation, to exchange new ideas and to educate the members in the methods, principles and standards to be maintained in the trade and, in general, to acquire a more enlightened perspective on real estate matters
  • To conduct conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc., with a view to disseminate knowledge and techniques of real estate investments and asset management
  • To provide an online platform to the members to conduct their businesses and to interact with potential customers worldwide
  • To provide a forum for members of the Association to exchange views & ideas
  • To make representations to Central or State Governments or local or public or semi-public authorities, executive or legislative, on any matter directly or indirectly affecting the real estate industry and the brokerage trade
  • To attend to the welfare of the Association and its members and to make representations wherever and whenever necessary to government bodies and to individuals in regard to the difficulties that the members of the Association may have and to have their grievances redressed
  • To provide guidance and education for resolving technical, legal and commercial queries by using the services of veterans and professionals from related fields so as to facilitate all members in carrying out their business practices more effectively and efficiently
  • To get associated with other groups / societies / forums / associations for the benefit of the members of this association and to give them a diverse and global perspective

Awards & Recognition