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Slum Redevelopment (Focus “Dharavi Development”)

  • What does Dharavi Redevelopment Project mean and what are its benefits?

    Ans: The eligible Slum dwellers of Dharavi will be provided with a free of cost pakka house of 225 Sq.ft. carpet area with attached toilet & bathroom.

  • Who will benefit from this project?

    Ans: The slum dweller whose name appears in the voters list as on 01.01.1995 & who is actual occupant of the hut will benefit from the scheme.

  • How will a slum dweller get to know that his name is registered in the Government records?

    Ans: If your name appears in the electoral roll of 01.01.1995 and you are occupying the said hut as on today, you are entitled for rehab tenement.

  • Who will decide the eligibility of slum dwellers under the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme?

    Ans: Following Competent Authorities on the basis of ownership of land covered by hutments will decide the eligibility.

    Land Owner Authority
    1. Government owned land Deputy Collector (Encroachments)
    2. MCGM Concerned Ward Officer/Assistant Commissioner
    3. MHADA Chief Officer-Mumbai Housing & Area Development Board
    4. Privately owned land Deputy Collector (Encroachments)
  • What does Annexure II mean?

    Ans: Annexure II means the list of slum dwellers who are entitled to benefit from the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme, it also includes the measurements of land.

  • What is the importance of Annexure II?

    Ans: A person can get rehabilitation tenements only if his name is include in Annexure II.

  • What is the duration of Dharavi project?

    Ans: The total duration of Dharavi project is approximately 5 to 7 years.

  • If two families are staying in the same house, would they be given two separate houses?

    Ans: No, only one house will be allotted to such family.

  • What will be the arrangements for the transit tenements?

    Ans: Transit tenements will be either in Dharavi or in the vicinity of Dharavi.

  • Who will bear the expenditure for the transit tenements?

    Ans: The developer will bear the rent for the transit tenements, however, other expenditure such as water charges, electricity charges, telephone charges will be borne by the slum dwellers themselves.

  • How will the developers be appointed for Dharavi development Project?

    Ans: The Government will call for global tenders. These tenders will be evaluated technically and financially be the committee under the chairmanship of the chief secretary of the Government. The eligible developer is required to explain his development strategy in his sector & seek their suggestions/objections from the residents before starting the development process.

  • Can an NGO or slum dwellers’ co-operative housing society bid for a sector?

    Ans: An NGO/Co. Op housing society who qualifies with the technical and financial criteria of the tenders being called by Government, can bid for development of a sector.

  • What will be the maintenance and Municipal taxes per month after the formation of Housing Societies?

    Ans: The residents have to pay maintenance and Municipal taxes per month in accordance with the existing slum rehabilitation scheme, being implemented in Dharavi.

  • How many storeys will each building have?

    Ans: Normally, each building will have 7 storeys. However developer can construct rehab building of more than 7 floors in consultation will the concerned Co. op. Housing society of slum dwellers.

  • When will the co-operatives be formed for the slum dwellers?

    Ans: The Co-op. society of slum dwellers will be formed, after the commencement certificate is issued.

  • Do the slum dwellers have to pay any amount towards the project?

    Ans: No.

  • f the name of the slum dweller is not registered in the electoral list before 01.01.1995 and he is staying in the same structure prior to 01.01.1995, will he be eligible under S. R. Scheme?

    Ans: In such a situation this slum dwellers can appeal to the S.R.A. he will be given a heating and his eligibility will be decided based on evidence produced by him.

  • If my hutment is falling under a proposed road or any other public purpose project, am I entitle for the rehab tenement?

    Ans: If your hutment is situated on the land reserved for public purpose and if it is constructed before 01.01.1995 then you will be entitled to receive a rehab tenement. If it is not possible to rehabilitate at the same place, then the rehabilitation will be done in the near vicinity.

  • What are the various plans for the industrial sector?

    Government intends to legalize the industrial units conforming to the Government norms & Development control Regulations

  • What provisions are made for the cottage industries?

    Ans: Businesses falling under this category will be protected, provided they obtain legal document or necessary licenses for running the business.