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Fédération Nationale de l’Immobilier (FNAIM)

The National Federation of Real Estate (FNAIM) of France, set up in 1946, has over the years developed a well-structured organisation and powerful means of action. It is a truly representative federation recognised by the public authorities and is affiliated to many national and international organisations


First professional organization in Europe, FNAIM represents over 12,000 members engaged in 14 different trades, recognized experts of the transaction and property management, and also commercial property and land development.


FNAIM is a member of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA).

National Association of Realtors of India (NAR-India) is a member of FNAIM.

FNAIM Missions

  • To represent real estate professionals and markets before the public authorities at a national level (parliament, government, administration) and at a territorial and local level (municipalities, general councils, regional councils)
  • To promote the quality of real estate services, for housing and business premises
  • FNAIM is recognised by the public authorities as an essential representative body in the field of real estate
  • It defends the views of professionals on all changes in regulations or plans for new regulations
  • Education
    Tap into new opportunities in the markets and increase value by gaining the specialized expertise needed to work with clients with specific needs.
  • It alerts members of parliament to the issues involved in the texts submitted for their approval.
  • It opposes any measure that has an adverse effect on the health of the real estate sector
  • On the basis of rigorous statistical and economic studies, it puts forward suggestions for adjustments to the housing policy.
  • It upholds the conditions for exercise of the profession and maintains a high level of professionalism.

Services Offered To Professionals

FNAIM helps all its members to offer comprehensive and high-quality services to meet the needs of clients as effectively as possible. A national symbol - the yellow cube - assures that FNAIM members are immediately recognised by clients. The yellow cube, which is the logo of FNAIM, symbolises integrity, security and quality. In the eyes of the public it is a recognisable reference in the field of real estate services.


For more information on FNAIM, please visit www.fnaim.fr