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WorldProperties.com is the official website of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA). Please visit www.worldproperties.com to know more about properties and agent listings from various countries all over the world.


The International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) is a consortium of the world’s leading real estate associations. ICREA sets standards for international real estate practice and facilitates worldwide real estate transactions through its website, WorldProperties.com.


ICREA and its member associations are committed to high standards of professional conduct for member brokers. Each member association has a country-specific code of conduct and, collectively, the organization has adopted a statement on International Principles of Conduct.


The tangible value of ICREA for both global and domestic practitioners includes:

  • The availability of an Internet-based menu of services including immediate access to current industry business practices, global industry news, property advertising system, and more
  • Advocacy role to protect and promote private property rights and best practices worldwide
  • Networking and referral tools including a roster of member association constituents and transnational referral system that includes an arbitration system in the event of a dispute

Individual practitioners receive these benefits by virtue of their respective association’s membership in ICREA. There is no option for individual practitioner or company membership.

Value to the Consumer

In today's market, real estate is complex enough when the transaction is local. Adding an international element to the deal makes it even more so. ICREA helps consumers understand the global market business practices and can assist both buyers and sellers.


Using online resources, buyers and sellers can learn about how real estate is transacted in the country of interest, so they are prepared for the differences from the practice in their home country. Buyers can search for properties among more than 3 million listings, and locate a realtor / broker who will work in a cooperative manner with a realtor / broker in another country to ensure the best possible service. Sellers can locate a broker who will market their properties to a worldwide market.


This is especially important for sellers with distinctive properties that will attract buyers from around the globe in search of a vacation, resort, or luxury property, or simply one that's unique within its local market. ICREA's greatest value to consumers, however, is the ICREA network of brokers - more than 2 million - who are affiliated with leading national organizations and adhere to a code of ethics that commits them to professionalism and service to their customers and clients.

NAR – INDIA’s Role in ICREA Affairs

Farook Mahmood is the founder and past president of the National Association of Realtors – India and has served on the ICREA Board since 2008. He was inspired to get involved by the globalization he witnessed in India and his commitment to a more professional and globally competent real estate community in India. A broker for three decades, Farook is Chairman and Managing Director of Silverline Realty in Bangalore, with associate offices in London and UAE.