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National Association of Realtors – India

National Association of Realtors - India (NAR-INDIA) has been fashioned not only as a single national level umbrella organization representing the interests of thousands of realtors / brokers operating all over the country, but also as an organization which aims to elevate the standards of practice of the real estate brokerage business to a global level where ethics, transparency, accountability, rule of law and good governance prevail.


The objectives of NAR-INDIA are to streamline and promote the profession of real estate brokerage in India so that we achieve transparency, accountability, fair dealing and ethical practices for overall good governance in the industry.


NAR-INDIA was registered in June, 2007, as a non-profit Society under the Societies Registration Act of India. NAR-INDIA is headquartered at New Delhi.


South MetroCity Association of Realtors(SMART) is a member of NAR-INDIA and is represented on its governing body by SMART’s President and Hon. Secretary.


NAR-INDIA is the credible voice of realtors in India.

Education Initiatives

Providing meaningful Real Estate education to all its members is one of the main focal points of NAR-INDIA. Keeping this in mind, an ‘Education Committee’ has been created with members from various state associations, to design the methodology of imparting various education programs.


The philosophy of NAR-INDIA is that there shall be a clear qualitative difference between its members all across the country, and any other practicing real estate consultant; education being the first differentiator between the two.

The role of NAR-INDIA in the real estate education arena is:

  • Develop real estate education standards for various education providers in the country to adopt
  • Conduct various real estate programs
  • Certify real estate professionals across the country based on standardized education programs

For further details on NAR-INDIA’s education offerings, please visit

Major Activities

NAR-INDIA conducts the following major activities:

  • Provide access to skills, education and best practices
  • Act as a common voice of the real estate brokerage community
  • Conduct conferences, events, exhibitions, lectures, etc.
  • Establish bilateral and multilateral relationships
  • To undertake market research and disseminate information
  • To lobby with governments at national, state and local levels
  • To ensure that every member subscribes and follows the CODE OF ETHICS

Benefits of NAR-INDIA Membership

  • Beneficiary of a credible image of the realtor profession in India
  • National and international level business networking opportunities
  • Consumer recognition in local as well as global markets
  • International visibility of local business through global niche listing
  • Platform for lobbying with governments for benefit of the profession
  • Opportunity for skill upgradation through various education programs, conferences and conventions
  • Access to accepted standard procedures, practices and products
  • Platform for grievance redressal and conflict resolution
  • Access to the globally recognized REALTOR logo, subject to conditions

For further details on NAR-INDIA, please visit www.narindia.com